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Story of Jan Broersen from "Scandinavian Immigrants in New York"

Research into the Possible Parentage of Jan Broersen

Deckers listed in "History of New Paltz" (Ulster Co., New York)

Biography of Alexander N. Decker (b. 1859) (Frederick, Delaware Co., Ohio)

Biography of Frederick Decker (b. 1812) (Aaron, New Jersey & Delaware Co., Ohio)

Biographies of Amos Decker (Ohio, b. 1845) and James Knox Polk Decker (Indiana, b. 1839), cousins, both grandsons of John Decker and Julia Ann Royer (Pennsylvania & Ohio).

Biography of Robert Decker (b 1818) (John N., Columbia Co., New York)

Biography of Casper G. Decker (b. 1860) (Sullivan Co., Chemung Co.,  New York)

Biography of George Decker (b. 1820) (Jeremiah, Seneca Co. New York)

Biography of John B. Decker (b. 1803) (Bowdewin, Sussex Co., New Jersey)

Biography of John C. Decker (b. 1822) (Livingston Co., New York, grandfather from Germany)

Biography of Victor E. Decker (b. 1894) (John, Michigan)

Biography of Freeman L. Decker (b. 1851) (James, Lake City, Michigan)

Biography of Moses Decker (b. N.Y.) (settled Viroqua, Wisconsin 1846)

Biography of Thomas E. Decker, (b. 1846) (Waushara County, Wisconsin, born Jefferson County, New York)

Biography of Albert I. Decker (b. 1876) (J. E. Decker, Kansas)

Biography of James B. Decker (b. 1883) (James B., Utah)

Biography of Charles F. Decker (b. 1863) (Isaac P. Decker, Utah)

Biography of Charles Decker (b. 1824) (Isaac P. Decker, Utah)

Biography of Jesse A. Decker (b. 1841) (Obadiah, Clay Co., Indiana)

William Decker (b. 1823) and George H. Decker (b. 1858) (Progressive Men of Montana)

Biographies of George C. Decker (b. 1824) and Samuel Decker, M.D. (b. 1839) (Delaware Co., New York)

Biographies of William H. Decker (1868) (grandfather was John A. Decker, born in Holland) and James Henry Decker (Troy & Watertown, New York), as published in Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York (1905).

Biography of John Ferdinand Decker (b. 1839) (Germany, Erie County, Pennsylvania)

Newspaper article describing the 1907 injury to the mother of Charles L. Decker (Minnesota, Pennsylvania)

Biography of William Henry Decker (b. 1836) (Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania)

Story of Johannes & Ruth Decker (Battle Creek, Michigan) - Mary, The Crying Statue

Biography of Cecil E. Decker (b. 1852)  (New York, Gratiot Co., Michigan) [Also included is John Brewer, who married Mrs. Ruth Decker (nee Convis), daughter of John D. and Submitte (Graves) Convis]

Biography of Lawrence Decker (b. 1818), son of Peter L. Decker and Cornelia Swart.  Also includes information on the parents and siblings of Lawrence (New York, Branch County, Michigan)

Biography of Silas Decker (b. 1852), Calhoun County, Michigan, born Union County, Pennsylvania

Biography of Clark W. Decker (b. 1838), son of Uriah and Experience (Baker) Decker.  Also included is a biography of William Wood, who married Adeline Decker, daughter of Uriah and Experience.  These are from separate historical biographies from 1888 and 1879.  (Lenawee County, Michigan)

Biography of Grant Decker (b. 1814), born in New Jersey, then lived with his family in New York, before moving to Flint, Genesee County, Michigan.  He served as the first mayor of Flint, Michigan.

Biographies of Decker men living in Mecosta County, Michigan in 1883, which includes Richard S. Decker, James N. Decker, Gilbert A. Decker, John D. Decker, and Peter S. Decker.  The biographies of Richard S. Decker and James N. Decker also include portraits (sketches).  These men all have connections to New York and Canada.

Biography of John W. Decker, M.D. (b. 1863) of Lake City, Michigan.  His parents were James and Sallie (Webb) Decker, natives of New York.



Decker House - Shawangunk, New York  

Decker House - Antiques, The Magazine April 1998;  Living with antiques:  The Johannes Decker Farm in Ulster County, New York by Mary Anne Bunting

Decker House - Dutch Colonial Homes in America (Blackburn, et. al., 2002), pages 134-143.

Johannis Decker House (new window) - posted by Historical Society of Shawangunk and Gardiner (from a June 6, 1966 Penny Saver newspaper article)

Tietsoort (Titsworth) House (north of Sussex) - Minisink Valley

Westbrook House - Minisink Valley

Abraham Van Campen House- Old  Mine Road, Pahaquarry Twp 

Isaac Van Campen House - Old Mine Road, Walpack Twp

(Abraham and Isaac Van Campen are descendents of John Van Campen and Tietje Jans Decker, daughter of Jan Broersen)



History of Orion Township, Oakland County, Michigan, description of Decker settlement, named for Jesse Decker (1825) - from History of Oakland County (1912).


Other Items

Newspaper article from the Omaha Sunday Bee discussing the appearance by Sarah Platt-Decker, of Denver, described as a "Leader in Woman's Movement."  Published January 26, 1908.

Frauds in The Piano Trade - 1876 article from The Highland weekly news (republished from a December 3, 1875 article in the New York Music Trade Review.  Discusses the several firms that used the "Decker" name in the manufacture of pianos.

The 1890 story of Goldsmith Maid, and how 'Squire Tom Bingham helped John H. Decker buy her from his uncle John B. Decker in 1864.  Goldsmith Maid held the record for career winnings by a horse until the 1950s.

Proof of Line to Jan Broersen

New York Trip - 2008

My Trip to NY - January 2002  

Jean's Memories

Information on a book written by John Tippets, with help from his wife Bonnie Decker Tippets.  The book, Hearts of Courage (pdf), is the story of how his father survived 29 days in the Alaska wilderness after a plane crash in 1943.  (Article published 4/30/2009 in Deseret News - pdf)

Childhood - By Stephanie Decker (with accompanying audio) - January 2011


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