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Pictures & Scanned Documents

Family of Samuel Decker & Mary Lovina Barber

This is the first generation in my line for which I have pictures.

(Courtesy Sharon Poole Sherrick)


Generation 1 (Michigan) - James & Eliza Decker

First generation in my line living in Michigan.  This was where I started my research.

Generation 2 (Michigan) - Earl, Vern, Ernest, Harold, Floyd Decker

Children of James & Eliza Decker

Generation 3 (Michigan) - Children of Harold & Ernest

Wood-Decker Album - from the family of Uriah Decker & Experience Baker

(Courtesy of Virginia Decker Loewe)

Civil War & Later Letters amongst the children of Michael Decker & Elizabeth Bovee, who lived mostly in the area of Berne, Albany Co., New York.  (Courtesy of the descendants of Angeline (Decker) Kniskern)

Civil War documents for Clark W. Decker, from Adrian, Michigan.  (Courtesy Denis C. Woltemate)
Census Pictures 1800 - 1910

Scans of various original census images.

Pictures & Drawings of Johannes Decker House & Buildings

Shawangunk, NY

Cemetery Pictures

Decker Family Association Reunion

October 2005 - New York

Gettysburg & Richmond Trip 2005

Decker Journey Wallpaper
Niagara County, NY Information

Includes information on the children of Samuel & Mary Lovina, after their death.

Article by Kyle Decker (Age 9)

Printed in Midland Daily News, 12-25-1999

  John Decker - Son of Caleb Decker (before 1850)

courtesy of Eileen Thompson


Decker Reunions in Michigan (2000 - present)

Descendents of James Franklin Decker


February 2002 I spent two weeks in Hawaii for training.  See my pictures here.

February/March 2005 Sherry & I went to the Palladium Grand Resort in Mexico (south of Cancun, near Akumel) for a week of relaxation & beautiful weather.

Bullock Creek Cross Country - Birch Run 2006

Bullock Creek Cross Country - Delta September 2006

Bad Axe Regionals - October 2006



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