Descendants of Jan Broersen Decker


118. Magdalena Decker

List of children on

Joseph Wood b: 1744 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York
John Wood b: 1746 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York
Benjamin Wood b: 6 DEC 1750 in Wawarsing (formerly of Rochester), Ulster County, New York
Catherine (Catryntje\Catrina) Wood b: 1753 in Accord (village in Rochester), Ulster County, New York
Timothy Wood b: 1756 in Accord (village in Rochester), Ulster County, New York
William Wood b: 1759 in Wawarsing (formerly of Rochester), Ulster County, New York
Rachel Wood b: 1761 in Accord (village in Rochester), Ulster County, New York

#3713 Hendrik Dekker Magdalena Cornelis de Lameeter
Jannetjen Kortregt 2/25/1728 Margriet van Steenbergen

421. Joseph Woed

#5689 Jan Woed Joseph Cornelis de Pue
Magdalena Dekker 10/21/1744 Catrina de Pue

422. John Woed

#5844 John Woed John Abraham de Pue
Magdalene Dekker 4/20/1746 Maria de Pue

136. Rachel Smedes

Previously had entries for two individuals named Rachel Smedes. These were determined to be the same person. Rachel Smedes married Benjamin Decker (her second cousin). The baptism of their son Joshua was witnessed by Abraham and Sara Smedes, Rachel's brother and sister, indicating that she is the daughter of Joshua Smedes and Beeldje Decker.

Benjamin Jacobus Decker

5/7/95 pg 86 of Staten Island and It's People lists Benjamin Decker as having been baptized 12/24/1721 at the Old Dutch Church in Kingston listings suggest the following children

Benjamin DECKER b: 24 APR 1750 in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York
Geertie DECKER b: C 1756 in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York
Noah DECKER b: C 1760 in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York
Sarah DECKER b: 1763 in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York
Beletje DECKER b: 1753 in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York
Joshua DECKER b: 1745 in Montgomery, Orange County, New York

Decker, Josheph, of Shawangunk Prect., Ulster Co., yeoman. Wife Rachel, children Benjamin, Jacob, Joseph, David, Rachel, Catherine and Elizabeth. Farm at Shawangunk, personal property. Executers are the wife, Jacob Smedes, Matthew Smedes and Cornelius C. Schoonmaker. Witnesses George Smith of Shawangunk Prect. innkeeper, Teunis Terwilligen and Elizabeth Smedes, who at date of proof is wife of John Taylor.

508 (D 99) 1776 Aug 20, 1782 June 6
(Calendar of Wills, 1626-1836, Fernow, p119)

#2937 Jacob Geritsz Dekker Benjamin Jan Freer
Geertjen Van Wageningen 12/24/1721 Rebekka a Wageningen

423. Joshua Decker

Benjamin Dekker Joshua Abraham Smedes
Rachel Smedes Bap. 20 May 1745 Sara Smedes

German Reformed Church of Montgomery
Orange County, New York
Compiled by Kenneth E. Hasbrouck
New Paltz, New York, 1958

424. Benjamin Decker

Benjamin Decker Benjamin Benjamin Sammons, Y.M.
Rachel Smeedes 4/24/1750 Lena Sammons

Source: Reformed Protestant Church of Shawangunk, Ulster Co. N.Y. Baptismal Records, Jean Worden, 1986.

425. Beletje Decker

#6468 Benjamin Dekker Beletje Derik Samman
Rachel Smedes 5/17/1753 and wife Marretje Tak
Notes Bp'd in Schawegonk (Shawangunk)

Source: Baptismal records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY. Randall Hoes.

426. Geertie Decker

Benjamin Decker Geertie Ephraim Decker
Rachel Smeedes 8/16/1756 Geertie Swart
date approximate - not given

Source: Reformed Protestant Church of Shawangunk, Ulster Co. N.Y. Baptismal Records, Jean Worden, 1986.

427. Noah Decker

Benjamin Decker Noach Benjamin Decker
Rachel Smeedes 10/2/1760 Beeltie Decker

date approximate - not given; Noah?

Source: Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Shawangunk, Ulster Co. N.Y., Jean Worden, 1986.

428. Sarah Decker

Benjamin Decker Sarah Stephanus Swart
Rachel Smedes and wife Sarah

1763 - date approximate - not given

Source: Reformed Dutch Church of Shawangunk, Ulster Co. N.Y. Baptismal Records, Jean Worden 1986.

147. Johannes Decker

Details of Johannes Decker and Sara De Mott are from Amanda Schadt Gorr

148. Petrus Decker

Information on Petrus/Peter Decker is from Carol Weir except where otherwise noted.

430. Andrew Decker

Possibly 1780

Elizabeth Dulhagen

Frederick's Cemetery, Kinnelon, Morris Co., New Jersey

Margaret Ann Preston

born 1824/25?

433. Jeremiah Decker

given as from 1870 census

434. James Decker

reported as being noted that they moved to Ohio 1832

reported also as possibly 1790

149. Jacobus James Decker

Information on marriages of Jacobus James & family of child Simon (Simeon) as reported by Peggy Cornish - descendant of this line.

Jacob Decker

#3293 Gerrit Dekker Jacob Valentyn Fiere
Geertruy Brissi 12/20/1724 Catrina Schra

Isaac Vredenburgh

Information on Isaac Vredenburgh:

BIRTH: Kingston,Ulster,NY
CHRISTENING: 11 JAN 1712/1713, Kingston,Ulster,NY
DEATH: 1797, Copake,Columbia,NY
REFN: F2347
Father: Willem VREDENBURGH
Mother: Heiltie VAN ETTEN

Family 1: Geesjen PIER
MARRIAGE: 23 FEB 1733/1734, Rhinebeck,Dutchess,NY

Family 2: Cornelia WITBECK
MARRIAGE: Abt JAN 1759, Kingston,Ulster,NY


Source: - The Vredenburgh Genealogy Page


443. Marytje Vredenburgh

Description: no. 2812

Abraham H. Schutt

Married Elizabeth Vredenburgh, then remarried her half-sister Annatje Vredenburgh

172. Benjamin Decker

895. Annatjen Decker. Born in 1755. Annatjen was baptized in Germantown Reformed Church on 16 Nov 1755. Annatjen, daughter of Benjamin Decker & Margaretha Althusen.

896. Eva Decker. Born on 11 Feb 1767. Eva was baptized in St John's Lutheran Church, Manorton. Eva, daughter of Benjamin Decker & Margareth.

Description: Gt 39

Anna Margareta (Grietje) Althuysen

444. Anna Margareta Althauser. Born on 1 Mar 1735 in Dutchess Co. NY.10 Anna Margareta was baptized in St Peters Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck on 9 Sep 1735.10 Anna Margreta, daughter of Peter Altheuser & Elisabet Cath. witnesses Claus Stikkel & his wife Anna Margreta.

Anna Margareta married Benjamin Decker.

Their children include:
895 i. Annatjen (1755-)
896 ii. Eva (1767-)


446. Juriaen Decker

#402 Benjamin Decker Juriaen Jurie Luyck
Grietje Althuysen 5/6/1754 Anneef Luyck

447. Geertruy Decker

#665 Benjamin Decker Geertruy Johannes Bartel, & wife
Grieje Althuysen 8/17/1760 Geertruy Althuysen

448. Jacobus Decker

#785 Benjamin Decker Jacobus Jacobus Decker
Grietje Althuysen 10/24/1762 Christientje Jager

173. Jurien Decker

#102 Jacobus Decker Juriaen Jacob Decker
Annatje Decker 1/24/1736 Mary Decker

Linlithgo Reformed Church Records 1722-1829

449. Annatje Decker

#596 Jurry Decker Annatje Jacobus Decker
Marytje Shurts 1/28/1759 Jannetje Decker

450. Andries Decker

Appears Andries married Marytje Rosmond, based on the following baptism record at the Gallatinville Reformed Church:

1/22/1797 Andreas Dekker Elias Elias Rosmond
1267 Marytje Rosmond b. 12.17.1796 Marytje Pest

Andries' brother, Niclaes, was married to Annatje Rosamund.

#660 Jurriaen Decker Andries Andries Shoerz
Marytje Shoerz 7/6/1760 Cornelia Decker

451. Jacobus Decker

#774 Jurry Decker Jacobus Jacobus Decker
Marytje Shurz 7/11/1762 Greertruy Jacobi

452. Cornelis Decker

#918 Jurry Decker Cornelis Jacob Dyckman
Marytje Shoerz 11/18/1764 Annatje Shoerz

453. Cathrina Decker

#1023 Jurry Decker Cathrina Emmerik Shauwerman, & wife
Marytje Shoerz 11/2/1766 Cathrina Shoerz

175. Jacobus Decker

Partial email from Michael S. received 10/21/2011 - information pertaining to Jacob Decker & Catrina Best

I was able to sort out further the Jacob Decker and Catrina Best (married Nov 5, 1765 Linlithgo Reformed Church, item 84) line. This Jacob, item #243, baptized 1.11.1746 in the Germantown Reformed Church. His parents were Jacob Dekker (b. 1701, Old Dutch Church of Kingston, NY) and Annatje Schmidt. Sponsors were Pieter Voseburgh and Catharina Voseburgh. Jacob Dekker (b. 1701) was the son of Broer Jans Decker, b. 1660, who married Cornelia Tappan daughter of Jurien Tennis and Wybrecht Jacobs of Albany, NY.


The Dorothy Decker (b. Dec. 26, 1783, d. Mar. 27, 1849) and who married Johnathan Bathrick, is the daughter of Jacob Decker (baptized 1.11. 1746) and Catrina Best.

Partial information from previous email 9/26/2011

I am writing to you regarding the Dorothy Decker in your family tree (excerpt below). Although Gysbert Decker and Catlyntje Spoor had a daughter Dorothy, the information below regarding her death belongs to Dorothy Decker Bathrick, who is the spouse of Jonathan Bathrick. Dorothy and Jon. are buried in Gallatin Reformed Church Cemetery (also known as Vedder Church Cemetery). Dorothy Decker Bathrick (daughter of Jacob Decker and Catrina Best) birth is also noted in the Linlithgo Reformed Church Records (item B below) and her marriage to John Bathrick/Patrick (item A below) of Livingston is also noted in the St Johns Reformed Church. I have also included links to the find-a-grave records with supporting pictures of the stones.

A. St. Johns Reformed Church, Upper Red Hook; 2/16/1802 Jonas Patrick of Livingston Dorothy Dekker of Livingston St John's Ref Upper Red Hook; item 26, page 2.

B. Linlithgo Reformed Church; #1730 Father and Mother: Jacob Decker and Catrina Pest Child: Dorothy, Bapt: 1/16/1783 Sponsors: Johanis Wiesz Barbara Wiesz : Batch No,. C50412-1

Germantown Reformed Church #243
Parents: Jacob Dekker and Annatje Schmidt
Sponsors: Pieter Voseburgh and Catherina Voseburgh

456. Johannes Decker

#534 Hendricus Decker Johannes Johannes Shuts, & wife
Jannetje Shuts 9/11/1757 Sara Cool

459. Jacobus Decker

#496 Broer Decker Jacobus Jacobus Decker
Sara Livingston 10/31/1756 Cornelia Decker

460. Elisabeth Decker

5/17/1761 Broer Decker Elisabeth Bastiaen Lesscher Jr. &
202 Sara Livingston Lisabeth Livingston/wife

Source: Gallatinville Reformed Church Records

464. Petrus Decker

#547 Arent Decker Petrus Broer Decker
Marytje Shauwerman 12/25/1757 Marytje Decker

465. Andries Decker

#705 Arent Decker Andries Andries Shauwerm.
Marytje Shauwerman 6/7/1761 Ariaentje Decker

466. Jan Decker

#827 Arent Decker Jan Jacobus Decker
Maritje Shouwerman 6/12/1763 Jannetje Williams