Ulster County, N.Y. Probate Records

In the Office of the Surrogate, and in the County Clerk’s Office at Kingston, N.Y.


A careful abstract and translation of the Dutch and English wills, letters of administration after intestates, and inventories from 1665, with genealogical and historical notes, and list of Dutch and Frisian baptismal names with their English equivalents.


By Gustave Anjou, PhD., 1906, New York

(Notes following entries are made by the author.)  SEE NOTE AT THE BOTTOM REGARDING GUSTAVE ANJOU.


Located at Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI


[Notes in square brackets were added by Lonnie Decker, upon transcribing the Decker entries from the volumes.  All entries were entered as found without correction for spelling or capitalization.  The author's notes are quite compact with much added information – all attempt was made to accurately enter this information as found.  Suspected errors should be compared against the original text, or used as clues as to where to find the original information (such as baptismal records).]


Two Volumes


This list includes all Decker surnames, as well as entries containing Jan Broersen and Jan Gerritsen.



Volume I

Exhaustive Indexes of persons and localities, fac-similies of wills, etc.


p. 29

Secretery’s papers, Liber A., p. 20 (Translations of Dutch Records, II., 102).

Vermeulen, Joost Adriaensen, of Pynacker.


Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 2, 1665, and written in Dutch.


“Before me Mattheus Capito, Secretary of the village of Wildwyck,”  “appeared personally (in  poprie persoon) the worthy Joost Adriaensen Vermeulen of Pynacker.” – After a long religious preamble, the testator disposes of “six shepels of wheat” “to the poor at Wildwyck” “syn huysvrouw (his wife) Femmetje Hendericks and “his little daughter Marietje by his said wife” “shall take possession of the estate gained and acquired by him” and of “all such estate as he has in the old country (Vadreland) or might inherit.” – As executers in Wildwyck “the worthy persons Albert Jansen Van Steenwyck and Roeloff Henderickson, both his brothers-in-law,” they to “send any balance” to his “lawful wife and child in the old country.” – As executrix of property in the old country, the testator appoints his wife Femmetje Hendericks.


Jan Jansen Van Oosterhoud

Joost Adryaens

Jan Broersens


p. 30

Liber A., page 92.  T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 104

Gerretsen, Albert, from Emberland.


Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 3, 1665, and written in Dutch.


“To the poor of Wildwyck 8 schepels of wheat.” – “Lawful wife, Willemtje Jacobs, shall rightfully “hold” the whole estate “for the love, chastity, faithfulness, and affection manifested towards him during their married life, and for other reasons.”  Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Jan Willemsen Hoochteylingk and Jan Joosten Van Meteren, both Commissaries in the village of Wildwyck.


(Willemtje Jacobs, widow of Albert Gerretsen, m. 2, May 11, 1668, Jan Cornelissen, of Gottenburgh, Sweden, and m. 3, Dec. 24, 1679, Jan Broerse Decker, widower of Jeyltje Jacobs, res. Marbletown.)


p. 66-68

Book of Deeds I (AA), p. 319

Ten Broeck, Wessel, Senior, of Foxhall

Will dated Febr. 14, 1695/6, and written in Dutch [not included in this document]


Long religious preamble.


My will and desire is that the marriage contract with my wife Laurentja Kellenaar shall be fulfilled. – To my eldest son, Wessel Ten Broeck, four morgen land of my farm land, the just fourth part of my whole farm, my farm to be divided in four parcels of morgens, my son to pay to my three other sons the value of the said land, as appraised by uninterested witnesses.  When my sons reach the age of majority, my son Wessel is to have 1/8 of my house and ground in Kingston, and 1/8 of all my personal estate, and my said son shall be permitted to take the choice of one of my negroes, and to allow therefore a sum of £36 in personal property. – I order that none of my heirs shall prevent or try to prevent the running of the water needed for my sons’ grounds and mills.  My said son to pay to my four daughters Maria, Elsie, Geetruy and Sara 1000 schepels of wheat, each one quarter, payable in four years. – To my son Coenraat Ten Broeck the just fourth part of my whole farm, except what has been devised to my son Wessel.  Also one eight part of my house and ground in Kingston, and one eight part of my whole personal estate, and to pay the quantity of 1000 schepels of wheat to my four daughters (as above). – Similar bequest to son Johannis. – Similar bequest to son Jacob. – To my four daughters, Maria, wife of Charles Broadhead, Elsie, wife of Cornelis Decker, Geertruy and Sara ten Broeck, 102 acres of land, to be equally divided between them, situated near the land of Gerrit Aartse, according to the deed, and one half of my whole personal estate, as well as 4000 schepels of wheat to be received from my sons, on terms already stated. – My sons are not to sell their portions of my farm, except between themselves, and my three youngest sons’ shares shall not be disposed of until the youngest one has reached the age of majority. – My son Wessel shall be bound to educate, maintain and teach my younger sons to read and write, and to let them acquire some profession or trade, which will be best for them. – If any of the minors should die, his portion to be divided among the other sons, they to pay to the daughters such sums as the deceased may have been indebted to them. – My unmarried daughters, Geertruy and Sara are to have, when they marry, an outfit of beds and what thereto belongs, as well as clothing, similar to what my other married daughters received.)


Son Wessel ten Broeck appointed executer, with “schoonsoons Charles Brodhead, En Cornelis Decker.”

Signed by the testator


Jan Lathaer (his mark)

Abram Tietsoo

W.D. Meyer

(On Jan. 6, 1704/5 appeared before the Court Wm. De Meyer and Liftenant Jan Lathair, proving the will.)

(See his will, supra).


p. 93-95

Book of Deeds II. (BB), Marked 1710, p. 471

Aartsen, Jacob, of Wagendal

Will dated Oct. 5, 1714, and written in Dutch. [not included in this document]


My beloved wife Sara to remain in full possession of my entire estate, and if she should happen to marry, she shall have one third of the income and profit of my entire estate.  To my eldest son Aart my great bible and a confirmation-book with the name of Petrum de Witte, and my gun; if he should die, then all to go to his eldest son Jacob.  To my youngest son Isaac my great chest which I inherited from my father and all my clothing of my body.  My youngest daughter Sara shall immediately after her mother’s death have her mother’s clothing, a new clothing chest, and a new table which Thomas Beekman made, and a tin-comb, two iron-potts, a large one and a small one, and my house-mirror which we now use, and two milk cows, and a new Sunday dress, which I give for my daughter Sara’s marriage-outfit.  Sara Kool, daughter of Symon Kool, shall have a bed with belongings and a new Sunday dress, and a milk-cow. – To my daughter Rebecca, wife of Jan Ffrere, a certain piece of land, situated to the northwest and northeast of the wood-land, conveyed to Jan Ffrer and southwest to Ronduyts Kill, from there running with a straight line to a stone in the ground in said farmland near a little moat (or ditch), and from there to a small marked oak tree (Schemmelbast, i.e. with mouldy bark), standing at a little kill, which is the boundary of said wood-land, round the Ronduyts kill, then along the same to the first mentioned stone.  Also a piece of land, situated on the southeast side of Ronduyts Kill, running from a certain little outlet, which runs from the mountain to the kill in a north-eastern direction, adjoining the land of William West and the land of Coll. Henricus Beekman, to have the free privilege to cut wood and haul stone.  Also to said daughter 1/12 part of my entire estate, except what has been previously divised.  To my other children Aart Evert, Symon, Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham, Isaac, Annetie Geertie wife of Jacob Decker, Jannetie wife of Johannis Turck, my entire estate.


J. Hardebergh

Tjerck Mattysen

Corenlis D. Lametter

Pittre Wambomez


(Major Johannis Hardenbergh, Tjerck Mattysen & Cornelius De La Matter appeared before the Court on March 7, 1716/7, proving the will of “Major Jacob Aertsen, late of the Corporation Kingston deceased.”)


(Jacob Aertsen (Van Wagenen)), s. of Aert Jacobsen (Van Wagonen), (see Gerrit Aartse), b. Febr. 14, 1652, m., Febr. 25, 2677, Sara, dau. Of Evart Pels, b. July 3, 1659, and had issue: i. Annatje, bt. Sept 15, 1678, m. Jan Heermans (q.v.); ii. Aaert, bt. Oct. 26, 2679, d. June 10, 1740, m. Oct. 14, 1706, Marytje, bt. Jan 1, 1886, d. June 20, 1733, d. of Pieter Low and Lysbet Blanchan; iii. Evert, bt. Apr. 24, 1681, m. ab. 1709, Hillegond, bt. N.Y., Nov. 14, 1686, dau. Of Claes Jansen Van Heyningen and Janneken Kiersen; removed to near Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., vi. Geertje, bt. Sept. 5, 1686, m., Sept. 17, 1709, Jacob Gerritse Decker, bt. Febr. 24, 1684, s. of Gerrit Janse D. and Magdalena Schut; vii Jannetje. Bt. Apr. 8, 1688, d. y.; viii.  Jannetje, bt. Apr. 14, 1689, m., Oct. 7, 1711, Johannis Turk, bt. May 16, 1687, s. of Jacobus T. and Catryntje Van Benthuysen; ix. Gerrit, bt. May 26, 1691, d. Nov. 17, 1709; x. Symon, bt. Jan 1, 1697, m. may 28, 1726, Elisabeth, dau. Of Gysbert van den Berg and Diewertje Masten (q.v.); xiii, Abraham, bt. Febr. 12, 1699, m., Febr. 26, 1726, Hilligard Crisipel, b. Apr. 17, 1704, d. Febr. 22 1774.  He died June 7, 1787 (see his will); xiv. Sara, bt. Dec. 21, 1701, m., Apr. 7, 1721, Solomon, b. at New Paltz, Oct 17, 1686, s. of Abraham Hasbrouck and Maria Deyo (q.v.); xv. Isaac, bt. Aug 22, 1703, m., march 10, 1723, Catrina Freer).


p. 102

Schutt, Willem Jansen, of Shawangunk

Book of Deeds III. (CC), Marked 1718-1728, p. 169


Will dated May 6, 1706, and written in Dutch. [not included in this document]


Long religious preamble


My wife Grietje is to remain in full possession of my whole estate.  100 guldens to be paid by the widow to the children of my eldest son, Jan Schutt. – To sons Myndert Schutt and Solomon Schutt and daughters Magdaleen, Neyltie, and Marytie 100 guldens each. – To my son Abraham Schutt, my land at “Shawongonck” in consideration that he remains on my farm and in my service, and that he pays 600 guldens for said land.


(Willem Janz (Schut), m. Gritie Jacobs and had issue: i. Jan Willem, m. before Sept. 18, 1692, Marytje Ter Bos; ii. Solomon, bt. June 18, 1671 (s. of Willem Jansen and G.J.), m., before Jan 29, 1699, Jannetje Tysens (Sesums), m. 2., Sept. 1, 1712, Marytjen Mone, widow of Paulus Mone, b. in Hog-duysland (Germany); iii.  Magdalena, b. Albany, m. 1., after Apr. 2, 1684, Gerrit Decker, m., 2., Apr. 22, 1696, Joris Middagh, b. Hycoop, Holland; iv. Marytie; v. Abraham, b. Marbletown, m. 1., after Nov. 9, 1709, Heyltjen Dekkers, m., 2., Apr. 25, 1714, Geerthen Kortgregt; vi Meindert, m. before Nov. 16, 1694, Sara Jansen; vii. Neeltie, bt. Oct. 8, 1682; viii. Menasses, bt. Dec. 30, 1683, and ix. Ephraim, bt. Same day).


p. 116-117

Jansen, Mattys, of Kingston, Cordwainer.

Book of Deeds III. (CC), marked 1718-1728, p. 353


Will dated Aug. 21, 1727


Eldest son Johannis shall have for his birth right £30.

My daughter Magdalena to be paid at the day of her marriage £20.

My daughter Ragel to be paid at the day of her marriage £20.

My son Thomas £30 to be paid when he arrives at the age of 21 years.

My son Cornelis £35 to be paid when he arrives at the age of 21 years.

My son Jacobus £35 to be paid when he arrives at the age of 21 years.

My sons Cornelis and Jacobus shall have three silver Cups and twelve silver spoons which I had by their mother, and the said Cornelis and Jacobus shall have the preference of the Lott of Ground, lying in Kingston between the house and Lott of Jan Heermans deceased and they house and Lott of William Swart, if sold or divided they Giving as mauch for the same as one of the other Children will give.

An inventory to be taken of all my Goods and Chattels and that my family keep and Remaine in my now dwelling house until next Spring and then my Goods and Chattels to be sold by my Executers and the money ther from arising to be put out at Interest, and out of the Interest my Children that are under age to be maintained.

After payment of debts all real and personal property to be divided among the children: Johannis, Thomas, Cornelis, Jacobus, Grietie now wife of Lewis de Bois, Marritie now wife of Johannis Decker, Magdalena and Ragel.  In case of death under age of 21, the share to be divided among the survivors.

My son Johannis full power to sell such lands and estate which I have had by my father Jan Mathysen deceased which is yett undivided.

Eldest son Johannis, my Brother Thomas Jansen and Brother John Crooke Junr. appointed guardians untill my youngest Child shall be of the age of 21 years, and then my four sons, Johannis, Thomas, Cornelis, and Jacob to be executers.  Signed by the testator.


Petrus Vas

Hendrick Jansen

Gil Livingston

(Witnesses appeared before the Court Oct. 5, first year of George II.)


Codicil.  My eldest son Johannis Jansen full power to release and confirm the divisions made with the heirs of my father Jan Mathysen deceased.  Aug. 21, 1727.  Same witnesses.  Entered Oct. 5, first year of George II. (1727).


(M.J., s. of Jan Mattysen, (q.v.), m. 1., June 7, 1675, Anna Elmendorp, m. 2., June 13, 1703, Rachel Popinga, b. N.Y., res. Kingston, m. 3., may 1, 1712, Annetjen Masten.  Issue with 1st wife: i. Johannes, bt. Nov 15, 1696, m. July 8, 1725, Anna Schepmoes; ii. Margreitje, bt. June 4, 1699, m., June 21, 1720, Lowis Du Bois.  With 2nd wife:  iii. Marytje, bt. Sept. 3, 1704, m., May 17, 1726, Johannes Decker; iv Magdalena, bt. March 17, 1706, m., Oct. 26, 1733, Daniel Schoonmaker (q.v.); v. Thomas, bt. June 20, 1708; vi.Rachel, bt. May 7, 1710, m., may 15, 1729, Benjamin Smedes, (q.v.); by 3rd wife: vii. Cornelis, bt. March 1, 1713, m., Oct. 8, 1748, Catharina Swart; viii. Jacobus, bt. Dec. 19, 1714; ix David, bt. Jan 20, 1717; x. Elisabeth, bt. Febr. 22, 1719.)


p. 118

DeWitt, Jan, of Mombacckus (Rochester)

Book of Deeds IV. (DD), Marked 1728-1745, p. 251


Will dated Oct. 29, 1700, and written in Dutch.


“Van Lychaam kranck de Betten Leggende” (sick and lying in bed). – “Aan myn huysvrouw Wyntje De Witt (to wife W. de W.) on half of the estate, the other half to “myn vier kindere by Name (my four children by name) Barber De Wyt, Eycken De Wyt, Blandine De Wyt, Ragel De Wyt” of “huys Landt paerde Beeste Gelt” (land, horses, cattle, money). – “Einegen van myn kinderen in haren Onmondige Jaren Mocte Come Te Sterve” (if any of my children should die during their minority) share of deceased shall be divided among the survivors. – “Myn Broeder (brother) Anderis De Witt & Cornelis Swyf” appointed executers.


Jan De Wyt (his mark).


Witnessed by Anderes De Wiedt, Cornelis Swyt, and Jacob De Wyt.


Mr. Moses Du Puis and Mr. Cornelis Switts appeared before the Court, April 12, 1715, proving the will.


(Son of Tjerck Claessen De Witt, q.v.  Had issue: i. Barbara, bt. April 17, 1692, m., Jan Gerritse Decker, bt. July 28, 1688, s. of Gerrit Janse D. and Magdalena; ii. Ikee, bt. June 3, 1694; iii. Blandina, bt. Apr. 12, 1696, m., Oct. 24, 1719, Jurian Westphael, bt. Sept. 27, 1698, s. of Simon W. and Neeltje Quackenbos; iv. Rachel, bt. Aug. 23, 1698, m., Apr. 15, 1723, Isaac Van Aken; v. Jannetje, bt. July 13, 1701, m. Abraham Van Aken).


p. 129-130

Oosterhout, Teunis, of Rochester, Yeoman

Book of Deeds V. (EE). P. 109


Will dated June 14, 1739.


“Unto my Eldest Son Jan Oosterhout” “Lott of Low land called the Long Steek” “on the north side of Mombacus Kill or Creek, purchased by me of Hendrick Decker now in his occupation, also the woodland by me purchased of said Hendrick Decker adjoining, and also the wood land by me purchased of Jan Gerritse Decker likewise in the occupation of my son Jan, bounded easterly by the outway of Philip Dubois, southerly by the brow of the hill next to the low land west by the brow of the Hill running along the east side of a run of water called Het Lange Stucks Killitie and northerly by the Commons of Rochester together with the house barn and other Buildings thereon now in his possession; he to pay for the same £25 to my two grandchildren, the sons of my son Aldert Oosterhout Deceased: Jacobus Oosterhout and Aldert Oosterhout, £10 each, when they arrive to the age of 21.


“Lot of low land on the south side of Mombaccus Kill, purchases of Hendrick Decker, between the land of Philip Dubois and the land of the late Jochim Schoonmaker Deceased” “to my son Petrus Oosterhout” he to pay my daughter Engeltje the wife of Nicholas Keeter £50, within two years after my decease.


“My lands Tenement Meadows Pastures Dwelling houses Brewhouse Barn Stables Grist Mill Saw Mill the fall and Stream of water thereunto belonging orchards Gardens fences” “in Rochester on the north side of the Mombaccus Kill” “now in my possession or occupation unto my youngest son Hendricus Oosterhout” he to pay to my Daughter Marytie the wife of Mathews Tirwillegen £50 within two years of my decease.


“To son Hendricus Oosterhout also my large Dutch Bible now being in my possession.”


“To daughter Engeltje the wife of Nicholas Keter” “tract of land now in his possession on the east side of the Waggon Path Runing to my son Henricus east and north by a small run west by said waggon Path together with the house and all other Buildings thereon Standing.”


“To my daughter Annatje the wife of Cornelius Hoornbeek my 1/12 part of land, conveyed by the Trustees of Rochester to said Cornelius Hoornbeek, Jan. 6, 1728/9, for which he gave a bond to convey to me the said 1/12 part.


“To Eldest son Jan Oosterhout 6 Shillings for his Birth right as being my Eldest Son and heir at law.  Residue of estate to be divided among “my Ten Children and Two Grandchildren” equally: to son Jan 1/11 part, son Kryn 1/11 part, two grandchildren Jacobus Oosterhout and Aldert Oosterhout 1/11 part, my son Johannes 1/11 part, son Petrus 1/11 part, son Hendricus 1/11 part, daughter Annatje the wife of Cornelius Hoornbeek 1/11 part, my daughter Marytje the wife of Methews Terwillegen 1/11 part, my daughter Ariaentje the wife of Harmon Rosenkrans 1/11 part, my daughter Engeltje the wife of Nicholas Keeter 1/11 part.  “I have in my life time assisted some of my children in their Trades and others I have given land by Deed or Gift and others of my said children I have paid Considerable Sums of Money.


Sons Jan, Kryn and Henricus appointed executers.


Signed by the testator.


Jacob Dewitt (his mark)

John Schhonmaker

J. Bruyn Junr.


(Jacob Dewitt and John Schoonmaker appeared before John Crooke, surrogate, Febr. 2, 1747/8, proving the will, and signature of Jacobus Bruyn as witness).


(Jan Janszen van Oosterhout (Brabant), m. Anna Hendricks, and had several children.  Teunis Oosterhout m. Ariaantje Roose, and had issue: i. Jan. bt. June 3, 1694; ii. Ari (Ariaan), bt. Apr. 26, 1696, m. 1., nov. 8, 1728, Appolonia Rosenkrans, m. 2, march 17, 1734, Geesjen van der Merken; iii. Annejte, bt. May 1, 1698, m., Apr. 5, 1717, Cornelis Hoornbeek; iv. Marytje, bt. Dec. 31, 1699; v. Kryn, bt. March 16, 1706 (Cryn Ooosterhout and Rebecca Roosa, witn.), m. Jan. 22, 1723, Geertjen Dekker; vi.  Allert, bt. Jan. 3, 1703, m., Febr. 26, 1725, Helena Roosekrans; vii. Maria, bt. Apr. 15, 1705, m., May 3, 1723, Matheus Terwilliger, b. Shwawangunk; viii.  Aryaantie, bt. Sept. 29, 1706, m., Apr. 29, 1725, Herman Rosenkrans; ix.  Johannes, bt. June 20, 1708, m., May 21, 1728, Johanna Hoorenbeek; x. Engeltje, bt. May 7, 1710, m., march 12, 1729, Nicholas Keeter, Jr., b. Marbletown; xi. Petrus, bt. Dec. 2, 1711, m., Oct. 5, 1739, Lisbeth Burhans; xii.  Hendricus, bt. Febr. 5, 1716, m. after Febr. 20, 1743, Pieternella Bosch).


p. 171-172

Lockwood, Henry, of Plattekill. 

Common Pleas Will Book.  p. 87


Will dated April 17, 1818


“To my daughter Sally wife of John Dunn” £200.  “To my granddaughter Pheby Dunn when she comes of age” £25.  “To my son Henry Lockwood Junr.” £150.  “To my son Jeremiah Lockwood” £40.  “To my grandchildren Josiah Lockwood Gilbert Lockwood Samuel Lockwood and Robert Lockwood £44 each.”  To Patience wife of James Warring” £25.  “To my grandchildren Uriah Lockwood Henry Lockwood Samuel Lockwood David lockwood, Cornelius Lockwood and Sally Relyea and Abby Sellic children of David Lockwood £25 each.”  “To my grandchildren Jeremiah Dunn John Dunn and David Dunn Ann Godkins £10 each, and to Mary Philips £30 and Henry Decker and Sally Decker £10 each children of my daughter Amey Decker.”  “To my grandchildren David Brown Henry Brown Benjamin Brown Hanna Brown £20.8 each and to Anna Marven £28 and Mary Brown £20.8 also my bed and bedding, children of my daughter Rachel – and to my son in law Isaac Brown” “all my wearing apparel.”   “To my grandson Josiah Lockwood £50, son of Henry Lockwood Junr.


“Remainder of my estate” “to be apportioned according to all the different legacies except Sally Dunn wife of John Dunn and to her no more than £200.”


“My trusty friends John C. Brodhead, Cornelis Ostrander and John Shuart” appointed executers.  Signed by the testator.


Henry Phillips

Wlhelmus Ostrander

John Mackey 4


(John Shuart made oath that he had served on John Dunn and Sally, his wife, daughter of Henry Lockwood, deceased, and on Phebe Dunn, child of the said Sally, and on Gilbert Lockwood, Robert Lockwood, and James Waring and Paitence, his wife, said Gilbert, Robert, and Patience being grandchildren of said Henry Lockwood and children of Cornelius Lockwood deceased, and on Uriah Lockwood, Henry, Samuel, David, Cornelius Lockwood Luas Relyea & Sally his wife and David Selleck and Abby, his wife, said Uriah, Henry, Samuel, David, Corneiuas, Sally, and Abby being children of David Lockwood deceased and grandchildren of said Henry Lockwood deceased and on David Dunn Cornelius Phillips and Mary, his wife and Henry Decker & Sally Decker, said David, Mary, Henry & Sally being children of Amy Decker deceased and grandchildren of said Henry Lockwood, and on David Brown, Henry Brown, Benjamin Brown, Hannah Brown and Mary Brown, children of Rachel Brown, and grandchildren of said Henry Lockwood copies of the annexed notice (to apply for probate) also copies of the annexed copy of the will” “the deponent being unable to find Samuel Lockwood, son of Cornelius Lockwood” “and been informed he is out of the State of New York, and also unable to find Josiah Dunn grandchild of Henry Lockwood, he also being out of the State” “deponent on June 18th fixed on the outside door of the house being the last place of abode of the said Henry Lockwood copies of the annexed notice and will for these last mentioned Samuel Lockwood and Josiah Dunn.

On Jul1 1, 1810, Cornelius Ostrander made oath that he was well acquainted with the deceased Henry Lockwood, that he has seven children (already named), that Sally, Henry and Jeremiah are still living, and that Cornelius, David, Anny and Rachel died before their father, that Cornelius had five children (already named), that David had seven children (already named), that Anny Decker had eight children: Jeremiah Dunn, Josiah Dunn, John Dunn, David Dunn, Ann, wife of Frederick Godkins, Mary Phillips, Henry Decker & Sally Decker.  That Rachel wife of Isaac Brown had six children (already named, Anna being the wife of Augustus Marvin).

Jonathan Wood make oath that he served Augustus and Anna Marvin with a copy of these papers.

Henry Phillips & John Mackey 4 make oath to having seen Henry Lockwood sign the will, and that Henry Lockwood was at the time “about 76 years old.”


Will recorded by Chas. Tappen, Junr., Clerk.)



p. 192 (Addenda)

Ibid., part A., p. 56. (T. D. R., II., p. 635)

Jan Broersen and his wife Willemtie Jacobsz


Testamentary disposition, dated June 1, 1682, at Kingston, and written in Dutch.


“Survivor to inherit everything, land, houses, money, moveables, etc. .” – Both signed their marks.  No witnesses.



Volume II


p. 9

Abstracts of Wills on File in the Surrogate’s Office, City of Kingston, N.Y.

Liber A.


Van Aken, Jan, of Kingston, p. 1


Will dated Jan. 25, 1787


“To my five sons:  Peter, Johannis, Abraham, Jacob, Benjamin all my Real Estate now in my possession to be by them equally divided”, on condition that they “maintain my Daughter Rushe during her natural life.” – To “my grandchild Abraham’s son Jan three Bonds of Lewis Hogg in my possession and also my great Bible and my Gun.” – “To my Grand child, Isaac’s son Johannis one bond of Abraham Van Wagenen Jun. and one bond of Semon Lefever.” “To my five sons the rest of my Bonds and notes.” – To “two daughters Mary and Sara all my moveables within my house (except what I will otherwise direct) and £120 each.” – To “my son Peter my pleasure Slay.” – To “my five sons, above named, all my wearing apperrel.” “If my Grandchild Isaac son Johannes should die before he is 21 years old” then his share to go to “my grandchild Abraham’s son Jan.” – Sons Peter, Abraham, and Benjamin appointed executors.  Signed by the testator.


Petrus Smedes

Arie Van Vliet

Johannes J. Duboi


(Probated May 10, 1787, before Joseph Gasherie, Surrogate, witnesses Arie Van Vliet of Kingtson, yeoman, and Johannis J. Dubois, miller, appeared. – Adm. granted  to the executors, May 15, 1787).


(I. Marius Van Aken m. Pieternel de Pre and had: i. Pieter, bt. Oct. 11, 1685; ii. Sara, bt. Febr. 12, 1687, m., Oct. 20, 1712, Niclaas Westvall, widower of marytjen Montanjes; iii. Cornelis, bt. May 25, 1690, m. Apr. 30, 1714, Zara Westbroek; iv. Catrina, bt. Oct 16, 1692, m. May 6, 1712, Cornelis De Pue; v. Rachel, bt. June 9, 1695, m., Apr. 30, 1719, Wm. Dekker; vi. Neeltjen, bt. Sept. 11, 1697, m., Nov. 18, 1724, Jan Emans, widower of Rachel Stout; vii. Abraam, bt. Oct 29, 1699.

II.  Pieter van Aken (above), m. Risjen (Rusje) Damen, and had: i. Jan, bt. Dec. 24, 1710; ii. Cornelis, bt. Dec. 28, 1712, m., Apr. 20, 1785, Hester Ritje; iii. Abraham, bt. Febr. 2, 1715; iv. Sefia (Sofia), bt. Nov. 18, 1716, m., May 7, 1738, Jacobus Westfall; v. Gideon, bt. Oct. 19, 1718, m., Dec 13, 1740, maria Ploeg; vi. Petrus, bt. Nov. 27, 1720, m., May 2, 1741, Maria Teerpenning; vii. Jesynejtn (Resyntje), bt. Aug 11, 1723; viii Clephas, bt. Nov. 21, 1725.

III.  JAN VAN AKEN (above), m., Apr. 8, 1732, Margriet (Grietje) De Graaf, b. Albany, and had: i. Rusje, bt. July 9, 1732; ii.  Geertruy, bt. Dec. 9, 1733; iii.  Annaatjen, bt. Aug. 31, 1735, m., Sept. 20, 1754, Jacob Freer; iv.  Maria, bt. Sept. 11, 1737, m., Nov. 8, 1760, Daniel York; v. Zara, bt. Jan 20, 1740; vi. Pieter, bt. Nov. 29, 1741, m., Nov. 2, 1764, Grietjen Beeman; vii. Johannes, bt. Jan 22, 1744; viii. Abraham, bt. Apr. 27, 1746, m. Oct 13, 1778; Maria Louw, ix. Isaak, bt. Jan. 31, 1748, m. Apr. 18, 1772, Judick van Aken (widow of Moses Freer); x. Jacob, bt. Aug. 4, 1751; xi. Benjamin, bt. May 13, 1753, m. June 24, 1775, Maria Ekker).


p. 24

De Witt, Charles, "at my house in Marbletown." p. 53


Will dated July 7, 1776


"Considering the uncertainty of life, especially in those time of Troubles, and as I am in a few days to go down to New York, where I may fall a Victim to British Tyrants, who are arrived in order to Invade that Metropolis it may be uncertain whether ever I return."


The testator trusts in "Jesus my Redeemer whose Blood I trust will wash my guilty Soul from all its foul Stains."


"I give without the least reserve unto Jesus the beloved of my Soul my five dear Children to be disposed of as it pleased him But oh, that they may love Jesus."


"Unto my son John a Negro Servant, which he may chuse for his Birth right." – "Residue to my five children who are Equally dear to me and do therefore give them an equal share" "to eldest son John a Just 1/5 part" "to my son Gerrit" 1/5 part" "to eldest daughter Margrietje" 1/5 part" "to my daughter Mary" 1/5 part to "my youngest Daughter Anne" 1/5 part." "In case any of my children should Die without lawful Issue before they Arrive to the Age of 21 Years," survivors to divide the share of deceased.


"My Brother Andries J. De Witt my son John and my sisters son Benjamin Nukerk Junr." appointed executers.  "And as there may be considerable trouble in settling my affairs and my Nephew Benjamin Nukerk may have so great a share thereof as to be detriment in his other business" to said Benjamin "for his care and trouble which he may have" £100 before the division of the estate.


Signed by the testator


Lucas Elmendorph

Benjamin Nukerk

Cornelius Crispel


(Jan. 4, 1788, Lucas Elmendorph, of Hurly, yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signature of the other witnesses). – Adm. granted to John C. De Witt of Hurly, yeoman, executor.)


(II. Andries De Witt (s. of I. Tjerck Claessen De Witt, q.v.) m. Jannetje Egbertsen.  Issue:  i. Tjerk, bt. Jan. 12, 1683 (see Henry De W.); ii. Jacob, bt. Setp. 28, 1684, d. y.; iii. Barbara, b. Aug. 22, 1686, d. inf.; iv. Klaes, b. Apr. 30, 1688, d. inf.; v. Barbara, b. Oct. 30, 1689, m., March 25, 1715, Johannes Van Leuven; vi. Jacob, b. Dec. 30, 1691, m., May 9, 1731, Heyltje Van Kampen, dau. Jan v. K. & Tretje Dekker; vii. Maria, b. Jan. 21, 1693, m., Oct. 30, 1713, Jan Roosa Jr., s. of Jan R. & Hilligond Van Buren; viii. Helena, b. Dec. 7, 1695, m. June 6, 1719, Jacob Swits, s. of Cornelis; ix. Andries, b. Apr. 1, 1697, d. July 2, 1701; x. Egbert, b. March 18, 1699, m., Nov. 4, 1726, Mary Nottingham; xi. Johannes, bt. March 26, 1701; xii. Andries, bt. Febr. 20, 1703, m., Dec. 3, 1731, Bregjen Nottingham.


III. Johannes (above), m., June 27, 1724, Mary Brodhead, dau. of Charles B. & Maria Ten Broeck.  Issue: i. Ann, bt. March 28, 1725, m., May 13, 1749, Conrad Newkerk, s. of Gerrit N. & Grietje Ten Eyck; ii. Charles, b. 1727; iii. Andries, bt. Nov. 10, 1728, m. Blandina Ten Eyck, dau of Abraham T. E. & Jenneke Elmendorf; iv. Maria, bt. Apr. 17, 1737.


III Charles (above), merchant, m., Dec. 20, 1754, Blandina Du Bois, dau. Gerritt D. B. & Margaret Elmendorf.  Issue: i. Johannes, bt. Nov. 2, 1755; ii. Margrietje, bt. July 9, 1758, m., Apr. 10, 1783, Johannes Bruyn; iii. Maria, bt. Oct. 12, 1760, m., Apr. 10, 1783, Jacbous Hasbrouck; iv. Gerret, bt. Aug. 15, 1762, m., Nov. 15, 1786, Catherine Ten Eyck; v. Anna, bt. Nov. 18, 1764, m., Febr. 16, 1786, Peter Tappen). – See Ulster Co. Hist. Coll.


p. 31

Smedes, Benjamin, Junr., of Shawangunk.  P. 79


Will dated July 31, 1787


"To my son Matthew the choice of my Guns."  "To my son John my other Gun." – "Unto my son Abraham the sum of £2.5." – "To my daughter Catharina on Silver Table spoon marked A M." "Unto my four sons Benjamin, John, Matthew and Abraham all my wearing apparel."


Residue of "my personal Estate unto all my Children sons and Daughters." – "Unto said four sons" "all my Lands and other Real Estate whatsoever." – "My beloved wife Elsie shall remain in the full possession and have the sole use and benefit of all my said Real Estate, also all the "personal Estate for and during her widowhood, as a Maintenance for her in lieu of her Dower." – To the three daughters £30 "to my daughter Maritje (the wife of Alerd Anthony) £30" "unto my Daughter Rachel" £30 and "unto my daughter Catherine" £30 "within one year after the decease of me and my wife." – "If she should marry again, then to be paid within the term of one year after such Marriage."


Sons "and my Good friend Daniel Graham" appointed executors.


Signed by the testator.


Johannis Jansen, Junr.

G. David Durot

Johannes Bruyn


(April 14, 1788, Johannis Bruyn, of Shawangunk, yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)


(Benjamin Petrusse Smedes, Jr., bt. March 24, 1706, (s. of Benjamin S. (q.v.), m., 1., May 15, 1729, Rachel Janz (Jansen), m. 2., Nov. 22, 1754, Elsje Dekker.  Issue with 1st wife:  i. Benjamin, bt. Dec. 28, 1729 (see his will); ii. Johannis, bt. July 7, 1734; iii. Johannes, bt. Oct. 21, 1736, in Shawangunk; iv. Rachel, bt. Jan. 21, 1739, m., July 12, 1759, Joseph Dekker;  v. Abraham, bt. Dec. 26, 1740; vi. Magdalena, bt. Aug. 29, 1742, vii. Abraham, bt. Jan 27, 1745; viii. Elisabeth, bt. Oct. 18, 1747, ix. Annatje, bt. June 21, 1752; with 2d wife: x. Marritje, bt. May 18, 1755, m. Alerd Anthony; xi. Elisabeth, bt. March 5, 1758; xii. Petrus, bt. Sept. 26, 1760; xiii. Jacob, bt. Febr. 27, 1763, as well as son Matthew and daughter Catherine, prob. by first wife).


Original will in estate-box 35, with red seal and impression from a ring, undecipherable.


p. 33-34

Sinsapaugh, Adam, of Montgomery, p. 91


Will dated Sept. 1, 1785


"Unto my two sons, Johannis and David" "my Estate of Land containing 207 acres" "in Montgomery" "part of lott No. 12 of the 8000 Acres, Covenanted and bought of William Comfort." – "To my son David the old place where I now dwell or live, next I give to my son Johanis the other place where he now lives, and I order my two sons, Johannis and David" to divide equally. – To "my beloving Wife (not named) one Mare, one Cow, and two Sheep." Sons to give wife "a lawful maintenance during her Widowhood they are likewise to keep her Mare Cow and two sheep lawfully." – To "son David one mare on Cow and two sheep." – "Unto my four daughters Mary, Hannah, Eve, and Elisabeth all my movable Estate."


Philip Decker, Joseph Decker, and Johannis Decker appointed executers.


Adam Sinsepaugh (his mark)


Johannis Decker

Jacob More

David Dickerson


(May 16, 1788, Johannis Decker, of Montgomery, farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signature of the other witnesses.)

(Orig. will in Box 35.)


p. 38

Milspaugh, Stephen, of Montgomery, Yeoman, p. 108.


Will dated March 19, 1789


"To my brother Matthias Eldest son Jonathan my place or farm, with all the appurtenances" "in Montgomery" "described by Indenture" Dec. 22, 1787 "in favour of the Testator, and if my said Brothers eldest son should die before he is of age" "his next eldest brother" to inherit. – "To my sister Susannah my Mare and Watch." – "To my said brother Matthias a bond of £30 upon Isaac Hasbrouck due Anno Domini 1797" – at his death to sister Susannah.  To said brother Matthias "all my Cloths and wearing apparel and likewise my Gun, Saddle, & Bridle, Also my pair of Silver kneebuckles," "to my brother Philips's eldest son Philip, Also "unto my said brother Philip my Horse, colt and likewise a Wether belonging to me."


James Sears and John Decker appointed executers.


Stephen Milspaugh (his mark)


John Decker

James Sears

John M. Hetsel


(May 5, 1789, James Sears, yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)

(Original will in estate-box 27.)


p. 46

Graham, Robert, of Shawangunk, Yeoman.  p. 137.


Will dated Sept. 29, 1766.


"Unto my son John Graham All that certain Lott piece or parcel of Land being now in the Occupation of my said son John Beginning upon the bounds of the land of Abraham Decker at the Northernmost corner of Robert Canes land and Runs from thence along the division line between my land and the land of the said Robert Cane as it runs South 66 degrees East 37 chain and 72 links to a Black Oak Tree standing on the East side of Ridge marked with a Cross and two Notches on the North side thereof being an Old line Tree marked in the line between me and the said Cane and Runs from thence crossing my land North 24 degrees East 14 chain to the North east bounds of the patent of William Peartree and Company thence along said Bounds as it runs North 66 Degrees West 24 chains and 40 links to a Lott of land by me conveyed to Isaac Hasbrouck, then along the same South 24 degrees West 5 chains and 90 links and North 66 degrees West 11 chain to the land late of Jacob Decker now of Jacobus Vanderline and thence along the same and the land of Abraham Decker Southerly 40 degrees West 8 chains and 40 links to the place where it began containing about 43 acres."  After his decease to "my Grandson Robert Graham one of the younger sons of my said son John."  If he dies without issue before John, then "to my Grandson Andrew one of the other of the sons of my said son John."


Residue to be divided into six parts, "1/6 thereof" "unto my son Andrew Graham" "1/6 to my son Robert", 1/6 to grandson John Graham Junr. (son of my son John), 1/6 to my daughter Mary the Wife of Robert Cane" "1/6 to my daughter Elizabeth the Wife of James Dayly" "1/6 to my Grandchildren, daughter of my daughter Jane deceased (the late wife of Jacobus Bruyn)."


"To my Wife Antie the use of one Cow and such part of my Bedding and household goods as my Executers" "shall judge needful for her" "also a Maintenance to be allowed her out of my said Estate at the discretion of my executers."


Son Andrew Graham, son in law Jacobus Bruyn appointed executers, with power of sale of real and personal Estate.  Signed by the testator.


Jacobus Sammon

Charles Lomex

Peter Decker


(Aug. 26, 1789, Peter Decker, of Shawangunk, farmer, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)

(Original will in box 15; red seal with impression of a head.)


p. 50-51

Van Wegen, Hendrick, of Shawangunk.  p. 155


Will dated July 15, 1768.


"Unto my son Hendrik" "all that my farm whereon I now dwell" "in Shawangunk with all land thereunto belonging upon Condition that he shall pay unto heirs of my two daughters Catherine and Elisabeth £300 "after my Wifes decease." To Henry also "one negro man Caled Sam and also all my farming Utenchels."  "Unto my two daughters all my household Goods and furniture." "As also four of my Seaths in the dutch Church." – "Unto my beloved Wife Catharina for and during her natural life" "or as long as she remains my Wedue the full use and benefit of the half of my farm, that is to say of Buildings, orchards Meadows plowland Wood land, and Garding and give her also the full use and benefit of all my moveables" also "two Seaths in the Church."


Wife "my brother in law Cornelius Schoonmaker, Jacobus Bruyn, my son Hendrick" appointed executers.


Hendrik Van Wayen


Henricus Goetshius

Cornelius Schoonmaker

Aryaentje Schoonmaker (her mark)


(Febr. 8, 1790, Hericus Goetschius of Shawangunk, Yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)


(Original will in box 43. – I. Hendric Hendricz Van Wayen, from Over-Ysel Holland, m., after Apr. 19, 1684, Annatie Hoogland Dircx (Gerritsz) of Bedford, L.I. and had: i. Hendrix, bt. Dec. 7, 1684; ii. Annatie, bt. Sept. 5, 1686, m. 1705, Jacob Freer.


II.  Hendrix, m. Heyltjen Dekkers, who m. 2., 1721, David Davidsz.  Issue: i. Hendrick, bt. March 18, 1711; ii. Madelena, bt. July 4, 1714; iii. Antjen, bt. Febr. 10, 1717, m., July 10, 1736, Hendrik Van der merken; iv. Maria, bt. June 26, 1720.


III.  Hendrik (van Weye, van Weijen) (above), m. Catharina Schoonmaker, and had issue: i. Maria, bt. May 18, 1743, in Shawangunk; ii. Hendrik, bt. Jan. 27, 1745; iii. Elisabeth, bt. Dec. 25, 1746, m. Jacob Terwilliger; iv. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 8, 1748; and Cahterine, m. John Dailey).


p. 52

Decker, Jonathan, of Montgomery.  p. 160


Will dated June 23, 1789.


"To my beloved Wife Mary the sole Management & direction of my Farm and Family so long as she shall remain my Widow." – "To my son Jonathan a certain Bond which I have against Isaac Hasbrouck late of Kiserick deceased Conditioned or the payment of £79.10 with interest also Two Horses One Waggon, on Plow & Tackle, one Harrow, one Slay and Tackle also all my wearing apparel." – "To the children which my said wife Mary has born by me" "the Goods and Furniture which" she "brought with her when she married me." – Residue to all the Daughters," except the sum of 10 shillings "which I bequeath to my son Eleaser which with what he has already amounts to his full share of my Estate, Excepting Also the Tenement on which I live as also about two acres of Land adjoining said Tenement, which land and Tenement I give" "to my said son Jonathan" "excepting also out of the legacies to all my daughters One Milk Cow, which" "I give" "to my beloved Wife Mary, providing nevertheless that no division of the property bequeathed to my daughters shall take place before the youngest surviving daughter shall arrive at the age of 18 years."


Wife "and my Trusty Friends David Hunter and Cornelius Brink" appointed executers.


Jonathan Decker (his mark)


David Hunter

Moses Miller

James G. Graham


(Febr. 16, 1790, David Hunter of Montgomery, Yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)

(Original will in box 11; red seal with impression of a coin.)


p. 56

Hess, Niccolas, of Shawangunk, Wheelwright, p. 178.


Will dated March 13, 1789


"I desire that my Chattle and my Cloathing shall be sold on a Poublic Vendue" "and likewise all my Wheelright Tools" to pay debts. – "My loving Wife to be my full heir of all my Estate whatsoever."


Sarah Decker, my said Wife, Executrix and William Cool Executor.  Signed by the testator.


Evert C. Wynkoope
John McNeal

William Cool


(April 10, 1790, Evert C. Wynkoope, yeoman, appeared before the Surragate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.  Adm. granted to Sarah Hoornbeck, the wife of Joel Hoornbeck of Rochester, the Executrix, April 12, 1790.)

(Original will in box 17.)


p. 82

De Witt, Jacob Rutsen, of Mamacotting.  p. 282


Will dated Dec. 14, 1776


"Unto my beloved Wife, all my Real and personal Estate as long as she remaineth my Wido and no longer." – "Unto my three sons Moses, Egbert and Jacob Rutson all my Real and personal Estate" they to pay, one year after they possess the said Estate "unto each of my seven daughters Margaret Mary Elesabeth Rachal Janneke Hannah and Esther 1/13 part to each.


Wife, "William Rose my son in law and my Brothers son Simon De Witt" appointed executers.  Signed by the testator.


Isaac Vantuyl

Tierck Van Keuren Westbroeck

Marten Decker (his mark)


(Jan. 6, 1792 Tjerck Van Keuren Westbroeck of Memecating, yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)

(Orig. will in Box 10.)


Box 10. – Inventory, taken by Jane De Witt, Executrix, and William Rose, Executor, in presence of Benjamin De Puy and Moses De Witt, two of the creditors.


4 Milch Cows @ £4                                        £16      00        00

2 Heiffers @ 3                                                            6

2 three y.o. Steers                                           10

1 Yearling Do.                                                            1          15

1 Do. Bull                                                       2

3 Calves @ 12/                                                1          16

5 Sheep @ 8/                                                   2

4 Hogs @ 16/                                                  3          4

3 Shotes @ 6/                                                              18

9 Geese @ 3/                                                   1          7

5 Ducks @ 1/                                                              5

1 Horse                                                            5

1 Waggon                                                        12

1 pleasure slay                                                 1          5


(many continued items including hoes, cow bell, empty cider barrels, spinning wheels, chamberpot, bed & bedding, arm chair, etc.)


To allowance made the late Jacob

R. DeWitt by the Co. of Ulster for

Public services performed                               2          8          0

Note of hand from Elizabeth

Terwilliger, dated Sept. 29, 1789,

Principal                                                          3


                                                                        £230    8          4 ½


2 Negro wenches & an old Negro man, and Incumbrance.



(Egbert De Witt, b. March 18, 1699, (s. of Andries De Witt and Jannetje Egbertsen, see Charles de Witt [p. 24 of this text, p.  53 of Will Book A, Kingston]), m., Nov. 4, 1726, Mary Nottingham, and had: i. Andries, bt. Oct 15, 1727, m., Apr. 24, 1748, Jannetje Vernooy, dau. of Johannes V. and Jenneke Louw; ii. Jacob Rutsen, bt. Apr 13, 1729; iii. William, b. 1731, m., May 30, 1762, Susanna Chambers; iv. John E., bt. Sept 19, 1733, m. Oct. 26, 1765, Catharine Newkerk, dau. of Cornelius N., Jr., and Neeltje Du Bois; v. Stephen, bt. Dec. 14, 1735, m., Dec 8, 1770, Wyntje Brodhead, dau. of John B. and Venni Nottingham; vi. Mary, b. Sept. 5, 1737, m., Febr. 18, 1765, General James Clinton, s. of Charles C. and Elisabeth Denniston; vii. Egbert, bt. Apr. 1, 1739; viii. Thomas, b. May 3, 1741, m., Febr. 18, 1782, Elsie Hasbrouck, dau of Jacob H. and Maria Hoornbeck; ix. Benjamin, bt. Jan 19, 1743; x. Reuben, bt. Napannock, Oct. 20, 1745, m., Nov. 11, 1772, Elisabeth Depuy, dau. of Moses D. and Elsje Klaarwater.


Jacob Rutsen (above), m., Apr. 15, 1756, Jenneke Depuy, dau. of Moses D. and Margaret Schoonmaker, and purchased land in Sullivan Co., on Navesinck River.


Moses De Witt was County Judge and Surrogate of Herkimer and Onondaga Counties, 1791-94, and died Aug. 15, 1794.  Rachel De Witt, m., Col. Robert Burnet (N.Y. Gen. Reg., 1887, p. 15).


On Nov. 5, 1788, a certificate of survey was issued for Egbert J. De Witt and Jacob Rutzen De Witt, Jr., of lot 145 in the town of Chemung, of 1400 acres of land (Big Flats, Chemung Co.) (N.Y. Land Papers, liv, p. 190).


p. 94

Decker, Abraham, of Shawangunk, yeoman.  p. 331.


Will dated Sept. 28, 1791.


"Unto my daughter Elizabeth her choice of my Milch Cows or one of the best of my stock of neat Cattle, also two Iron pots two Pewter Dishes, my blue painted Chest, and my Negro Male Child named Joe, also one seat in the Shawangunk Church." – "Unto my son Abraham my waggon and Tackling" "my Loom and one Horse his choice" to son Abraham and "unto my other son Uriah all my Reeds and Gairs and all other Tackling belonging to the aforesaid Loom, also all my wearing apparel, and two other seats belonging to me in the said Church." – Residue "unto my three daughters: Catharine the wife of Evert Decker, Leah the wife of Jacob J. Decker, and my said daughter Elizabeth." To Elizabeth also £30 to be paid by Abraham within three years.  To Uriah "all that lot of land lately by me purchased of Manessah Decker whereon the said Uriah now dwells.  Also all that certain Lot of Ten Acres of Land as I purchased the same from Ephraim Decker, being part of the farm whereon I now dwell."  To Abraham "all that my Farm, Lands, and Tenements whereon I now dwell (excepting the aforesaid 10 acres)  Also a Lot of land, containing about 33 acres, lately released to me by Margaret P. Terwilliger and the heirs of my brother Gerret Decker deceased" "in Shawangunk, adjoining the land of John Taylor, Together with all the remainder of my Real Estate.  "To Abraham also "my Negro Woman named Nan."  "My wife Catharine shall remain with my said son Abraham" he to "keep her in the best manner and give her a suitable Maintenance, and have the care of her during her lifetime."  Wife to have "the use of my Bed and Bedstead with the Bedding and furniture" "during her lifetime after which it shall be the property of my said three daughters."


Sons Abraham and Uriah, and son in law Evert Decker appointed executors.  Signed by the testator.


Elias Winfield

George Smith

Johannes Bruyn


(April 28, 1792, Johannis Bruyn, of Shawangunk, Esq., appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)


(Hendrik Dekker m., Dec. 18, 1696, Antje Quick, and had: i. Geertje, bt. Sept. 11, 1698; ii. Femmetje, bt. Oct 29, 1699; iii. Sara, bt. May 10, 1702; iv. Sarah, bt. Sept. 11, 1709; v. Johannes, bt. March 9, 1712, H.D. m. 2., Annatjen Kortright, and had: vi. Abraham, bt. June 19, 1720.  H.D. m. 3., Anna Tietsort, and had: vii. Elisabeth, bt. June 30, 1723; viii. Neeltjen, bt. Oct 3, 1725.


Abraham (above), m. Aug. 12, 1747, Elisabeth Schut, and had: i. Abraham, bt. Shawangunk, June 8, 1748; ii. Jacobus, bt. Oct. 28, 1750; iii. Uria, bt. May 17, 1753; Catrina, m. Evert Dekker; Lea, m. Jacob J. Decker; Elisabeth, prob. with second wife, Catherine.)




Abstracts, Relating to Wills and Letters of Administration from the Private Papers of Judge Jared Landon, of Suffolk Co., Deposited with the Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn, N.Y.


[These wills are listed as mostly pertaining to Suffolk Co. with some references to Ulster wills, received by the Judge, while at Kingston.  Reference is made to New York Genealogical Register, 1871, pps. 186 et seq. for further reference to these papers]


p. 102 – Office memorandum book, June 1st, 1782:


July 16, Received of Mr. Gasherie the wills of Hendricus Dubois, Joseph Decker, and Cornelius L. Brink.




Abstracts of Wills and Letters of Administration, on File in the Surrogate's Office, New York City.


[Author notes that wills have been published, as translated from Dutch, in a number of New York Historical Society Collections, but were scattered throughout volumes and frequently were improperly copied or translated.  Corrections were noted.]


p. 112-113

Westbrook, Johanes, of Knightfield.  Liber 10, p. 422.


Will dated Jan. 25, 1725/6 and written in Dutch.


"My dear wife Magdalena shall remain in possession of my whole estate during her natural life."  "To my youngest son Dirck, when he marries, a good horse and a cow, similar to what my other children has received. "  "To my eldest son Anthony three schillings, in advance, as his right of primogeniture."  "To my youngest son after his mother's death, a good horse, and a good mare, and a (grazing?) cow."  "To my six children by name Anthony, Johanes, Cornelius, Dirck, Sarah, wife of Cornelius Van Aken, and Antie, wife of Jacob Van Eten my whole estate."  "Each one of my six children shall pay equally to the little son of my deceased daughter Ursulla, called Benjamin."  Wife and sons Anthony and Johanes appointed executors.  Witnessed by Jacob Rutsen, Jr., Nicholas Roosa, Jan Hardenberg, William Nottingham.  Proved Apr. 10, 1727.


(Johannes W., b. Albany (s. of Jonathan W., an officer in Cromwell's army, and later on, a resident of Rochester, whose sons, Johannes and Derck, took the oath of allegiance in 1689), m., after May 12, 1687, Magdalena Jansen (Lena Dekker), and had: i. Antony, bt. Apr. 17, 1691, m., Apr. 30, 1714, Aaltjen Van Etten, b. Hurley; ii. Sarah, bt. June 10, 1694, m., Apr. 30, 1714, Cornelus Van Aken; iii. Johannes, bt. July 19, 1696, iv. Johannes, bt. Jan. 9, 1698, m., Dec. 19, 1715, Antjen Roosa; v. Ante, bt. July 28, 1700, m., Apr. 22, 1719, Jacob Van Etten, b. Hurley; vi. Cornelius, bt. March 14, 1703, m., Apr 10, 1724, Annatjen Roosa; vii. Dirk, bt. Dec. 15, 1706, m., May 12, 1728, Janneken Van Keuren.)


p. 114-115

Schoonmaker, Jochem, of Kingston.  Liber 11, p. 42.


Will dated Dec. 9, 1729, and written in Dutch.


"My wife Antje Hussey shall have a moderate support by my executers, who shall divide from the yearly rents among the other heirs whatever may be left over, after my wife's maintenance.  My wife shall also have the use of a cow from the house where I live, and half of the cellar, and half of the orchard.  To my son, Cornelis Schoonmaker, above his portion of my estate, the choice of my horses, for his right of primogeniture.  To my eight sons by name Romulos, Hendrick, Frederick, Jacobus, Benjamin, Jan, Jochem, Daniel, all my real estate.  I appoint as my heirs my 15 children, by name (the above mentioned sons), and Tryntje, wife of Jacobus Bruyn, Eltie, widow of Joseph Hasbrouck, Jacomyntie, wife of Johannes Miler, Greetie, wife of Cornelis Wynkoop, and Sarah, wife of Jacobus Depuis."  - Sons Cornelis, Frederick, and Jacobus appointed executors.  Witnessed by …. Hardenbergh, Jurian Tappan, Hendrick Sluyt, Gerrit Van Wagenen.


(Proved before Edward Whitaker, Ulster Co., Nov. 7, 1730. – Jochem S., b. Albany (eldest son of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Eliza Janse, dau. of Jan Janse Brestede, and widow of Adriaen Petersen (Van Alcmaer), a native of Hamburg Germany, who came over in the military service of the Dutch West India Company, an innholder at Fort Orange.  After his death his widow m., Sept. 26, 1684, Cornelis Barentsen Slecht, see Tryntjie Barentsen), m. 1., Aug. 16, 1679, Petronella Sleght, dau. of Cornelis Barentjse S. and Tryntje Tysen Bos.  She d. ab. 1687, and he m., 2., Apr. 28, 1689, Anna Hussey (Horsi) (bt. June 27, 1670, dau. of Frederick Hussey and Margaret, his wife).  Jochem S. was supervisor of Rochester 1709-1712, and Captain of a company for defense against the Indians.  Issue: i. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 15, 1682, (d. Oct. 14To my eight sons by name Romulos, Hendrick, Frederick, Jacobus, Benjamin, Jan, Jochem, Daniel, all my real estate.  I appoint as my heirs my 15 children, by name (the above mentioned sons), and Tryntje, wife of Jacobus Bruyn, Eltie, widow of Joseph Hasbrouck, Jacomyntie, wife of Johannes Miler, Greetie, wife of Cornelis Wynkoop, and Sarah, wife of Jacobus Depuis."  - Sons Cornelis, Frederick, and Jacobus appointed executors.  Witnessed by …. Hardenbergh, Jurian Tappan, Hendrick Sluyt, Gerrit Van Wagenen.


(Proved before Edward Whitaker, Ulster Co., Nov. 7, 1730. – Jochem S., b. Albany (eldest son of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Eliza Janse, dau. of Jan Janse Brestede, and widow of Adriaen Petersen (Van Alcmaer), a native of Hamburg Germany, who came over in the military service of the Dutch West India Company, an innholder at Fort Orange.  After his death his widow m., Sept. 26, 1684, Cornelis Barentsen Slecht, see Tryntjie Barentsen), m. 1., Aug. 16, 1679, Petronella Sleght, dau. of Cornelis Barentjse S. and Tryntje Tysen Bos.  She d. ab. 1687, and he m., 2., Apr. 28, 1689, Anna Hussey (Horsi) (bt. June 27, 1670, dau. of Frederick Hussey and Margaret, his wife).  Jochem S. was supervisor of Rochester 1709-1712, and Captain of a company for defense against the Indians.  Issue: i. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 15, 1682, (d. Oct. 14, 1757), m., Nov. 25, 1711, Engeltje Roosa (bt. Sept. 20, 1685, dau. of Arie R. and Maria Pels); ii. Hendrick, bt. Aug. 17, 1683, m. Nov. 24, 1704, Heyltie Decker (bt. Jan. 10, 1686, dau. of Gerrit and Margaret D.); iii. Tryntje, bt. Nov. 22, 1684 (d. Aug. 27, 1763), m., Nov. 18, 1704, Jocobus Bruyn, s. of Jacobus B. and Gertruyd Yselstein; iv. Eltie, bt. Dec. 12, 1684 (d. New Paltz, July 27, 1764), m. Oct. 27, 1706, Joseph Hasbrouck (bt. Oct. 23, 1684, d. Jan. 28, 1724, s. of Abraham H. and Margaret Deyo); v. Jacomynje, bt. Apr. 29, 1687, m., Sept. 22, 1726, Johannes Miller.  Issue by 2d wife: vi. Rebecca, bt. Aug 24, 1690; vii. Frederick, bt. Jan. 28, 1692, m. 1., march 1, 1713, Anne De Witt (bt. March 15, 1696, dau. of Jacob De Witt and Grietje Vernooy (see Tjerck Classen De Witt), m. 2., Febr. 6, 1717, Eva Swartwout (bt. Nov. 16, 1694, dau. of Thomas S. and Elisabeth Gardiner); viii. Jan. bt. June 3, 1694, m. June 7, 1730, Margaret Hoornbeck (bt. Apr. 13, 1713, dau. of Lodewyck H. and Maria Vernooy); ix. Margriet, bt. Dec. 15, 1695, m., Febr. 14, 1716, Moses Depuy (bt. Sept. 27, 1691, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); x. Jacobus, bt. May 8, 1698, m. Oct. 15, 1729, Maria Rosenkrans 9bt. Dec. 19, 1714, dau of Alexander R. and Maria Depuy); xi. Elisabeth, bt. Febr. 18, 1700, m. Sept. 3, 1719, Benjamin Depuy (bt. Oct. 13, 1695, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); xii.  Benjamin, bt. Apr. 19, 1702, m., may 10, 1722, Catherine Depuy (bt. Nov. 30, 1701, dau. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); xiii. Antje (Heyltje), bt. Aug. 11, 1706, m., Oct. 12, 1709, Cornelius Wynkoop (bt. March 25, 1711, s. of Jacobus W. and Jannetje Bogardus); xiv. Sara, bt. June 20, 1708, m. Aug. 26, 1725, Jacbous Depuy (bt. Sept. 19, 1703, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); xv. Jochem, bt. Oct. 12, 1710, m., May 11, 1730, Lydia Rosenkrans (bt. May 3, 1713, dau. of Dirck R. and Wyntje Kierstede (dau. of Roelof K.); xvi. Daniel, bt. Febr. 22, 1713, m. Oct 26, 1733, Magdalena Jansen (bt. June 21, 1711, dau. of Thomas J. and Mayken Bogaard); Romulus).


(The other children of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Elsie Janse were: ii. Egbert, b. Albany. M., Oct. 13, 1683, Aannatje, dau. of Samuel Berry, iii. Engeltje, bt. March 18, 1663, m. 1., Nicholas Anthony (q.v.), bt. N.Y., Jan. 28, 1657, s. of Allerd A. and Henrica Wessels, m. 2., Apr. 30, 1699, Stephen Gasherie, from Marenna, France; iv. Hendrick, bt. May 17, 1665, m., march 24, 1688, Geertruy De Witt (bt. Oct. 15, 1668, dau. of Tjerck Classen De Witt and Barbara Andriesen; v. Volckert, bt. May 17, 1665; vi. Hillitje, bt. Oct. 20, 1669.)


p. 121-123

De LaMater, Abraham, of Kingstoon.  Liber 12, p. 255.


Will dated Oct. 20, 1734, and written in Dutch.


"My wife Elsie shall remain in full possession of my whole estate during her widowhood, but if she should happen to marry, she shall be bound to deliver one half the estate to my other heirs, and the other half shall go to my heirs after her death.  To my eldest son, Cornelius De Lamater, £5, in advance, his right of primogeniture.  To my four sons Johanes, David, Jacobus, and Abraham the three morgens land near the fall (or valley?) on the north side of Rondout Kill, as the same were conveyed to me on March 10, 1718, which 6 acres shall be valued at £40, which he is to divide equally among my seven heirs. To Johannes and Jacobus my meadow land and orchard in the Corporation of Kingston, as well as all my other land and orchards.  To my son David the orchard on the great wood, half a morgen, for which son David shall pay in proportion.


Of the whole residue, for which my meadow land and orchard my sons Johannes and Jacobus shall pay £130.  To my three sons Johannes, David, and Abraham, all my land on the farm, as well as the vats standing thereon (dryers vats?), that is to Johannes the new vat, to David the large vat, and to Abraham the little vat, for which they shall pay £10.  To my son Abraham my whole yard, houses, barn and all that is thereon, as well as that piece of land, which I purchased from my father-in-law, Juryan Tappen.  To my son David my seat in the church in Kingston, and a road of 12 feet width, where my meadow land adjoins the meadow land of the heirs of Jan Heermans, Jr., to the meadow land of my son David.  To my son Cornelius J. Delamater, Jacobus and Abraham and to my daughter Ariantie, wife of Aldert Kierstede, and to my wife's daughter Janetie, wife of William Eltinge, all the above mentioned sumes of money, which my three sons are to pay for the land, and orchard, and farm, houses, yard and what belongs thereto, making a total sum of £260, which they are to divide equally between themselves.  To my son David, the 2 acres 18 rods land of the poor farm, with one side bounded by the common strand-road, the other side adjoining the land of John Oosterhout, Junr., and the third side bounded by the heirs of Jan Heermans, and the fourth side adjoining the land of John Crook, Junr. which shall be valued at £8.  My interest in the tan-mill to my seven children.  My bible to my son Abraham.  My whole estate to my seven children.  Wife, Wm. Eltinge, Aldert Kierstede, and sons appointed executers.  Witnessed by Hans Kierstede, Christoffel Wambone, Jacob Marius, Jr., Jacobus Van Dyck.


(proved March 10, 1724/5.  Abraham Delamater, b. at Flatbush, 1656, son of Glaude le Maistre, bt. 1620, from Richebourg, in Artois, res. At Loverdwarsstraet, Amsterdam, where he m., Apr. 24, 1652, Hester Du Bois, his 2d wife, the 1st wife named Jeanne De Lannoy, later a carpenter at Flatbush.  His widow m. Nov. 6, 1687, Jan Tibout, the parish clerk.), removed early with his brother, Jacobus, to Kinston, and m. Elsie, dau. of Jurian Tappen, and widow of Hillebrand Le Seur, with whom she had a daughter, Jannetie, b. 1689, who m. William Eltinge.  Hillibrand le Seur was b. at Esopus, 1663, and s. of Francois Le Seur, first of Flatbush, then of Manhatten, and his wife, Jannetie, dua. Of Hillebrand Pietersen, of Amsterdam.


Issue: i. Cornelius DeLamater, m. Margaret Van Steenbergen; ii. Ariaantje, bt. Nov. 11, 1694, m. Oct 26, 1714, Aldert Kierstede; iii. Joannes, bt. July 4, 1697, m. 1., May 12, 1723, Christina Wynkoop, m. 2., Nov. 11, 1738; Maria Decker; iv. David, bt. Febr. 2, 1701, m. May 10, 1728, Laurentia Ten Broeck; v. Jacobus, bt. Apr. 22, 1705, M. Nov. 12, 1726, Catrina Schoonmaker; vi. Abram, bt. Sept. 28, 1707, m. Rachel, dau. of Abraham Low.)


p. 128-129

Crook, John, of Kingston, Shopkeeper.  Liber 15, p. 159.


(Will was witnessed by Petrus Bogardus, Heyltie Decker, and Abraham Gaasbeck)


p. 134-135

Deckers, Heyltie, of Kingston.  Liber 15, p. 347.


Will dated Apr. 16, 1743, and written in Dutch.


To the children of my brother Johannis Decker, the bond which their father has given to me for the land, which they are to divide equally between themselves.  But as my brother was drowned without leaving any testament, my brother's son, Cornelius, shall divide his father's estate, but not to have more out of said bond than the other children, in addition to his interest.  My sister's child, Marieys de Lametter shall have my bonds with interest, as well a bond from Matyes de Bois of £20, one from Abram Lametter of £23, one from Mattys Van Keuren of £10 and one from my brother, J. de Lametter of £35 for the house.  The land which I and my sister Mareytie had by deed, called the Hazelnut-branch, which my sister's child Marieya shall have, may be used by Johannis De Lametter and my sister until her daughter is 18 years old.  To Johannis De Lametter's son Abraham my horse for his own.  To my brother's children called Geertje, Elsie, Ragel, Mareya, and Catteriena, and to my sister's child Maria each a silver spoon as a memento.  My brother Johannies De Lametter and my son Johannis Ten Broeck appointed executors.  Witnessed by Thomas Beekman, N. Edward Thompson, Cornelius Lamberse Brink.  Proved March 2, 1744.


(Heyltje Decker, bt. Jan. 10, 1686, dau. of Gerrit and Margaret D., m., Nov. 24, 1704, Hendrick Schoonmaker, s. of Jochem H. S. and Petronella Sleght, q.v. [probably not this Heyltie Decker, as the will mentions son Johannis Ten Broeck, and brother Johannis De Lametter]


p. 143

Smedes, Benjamin, of Shawangunk, yeoman.  Liber 17, p. 11.


Will dated June 12, 1744.


[Will mentions property of Benjamin Smedes being bounded by the land of Jacob Decker, on the north west side of Shawangunk Creek or river.


Children mentioned in will include Peter, Benjamin, Nathan, Elisabeth late wife of John Sleght, Rachel wife of Nicholas Bogardus, and wife Magdalena.  Three sons and three daughters (plus Elisabeth, deceased) are mentioned as heirs, names of other two daughters not in will.  Authors notes list children as Lysbet (1696 m. Jan Sleght), Johannes (1699), Petrus (1701, m. Catrina Du Bois), Benjamin (1706, q.v.), Rachel (1708, m. Nicholas Bogardus), Abraham (1710), & Nathan (1714, m. Catharina Kierstede).  There are several marriages between Decker & Smedes in the mid-1700's.]


p. 151

Schoonmaker, Johanes, Kingston, intestate.  (Letters of Administration, Liber I (not verified))

Adm. granted, Sept. 12, 1753, to wife, Arientje, and brother Hezekiah Schoonmaker.

(Son of Hendrick S., q.v., and Heyltje Decker (see Jochem S.))


p. 159

De LaMatter, Johanes, of Kingston.  Liber 21, p. 16.


Will dated Apr. 26, 1756.


"To my wife Marytie during her Widdowhood, all household goods, Pots, Panns, Bedsteads, with furniture, sheets, Pillow Cases, and other linnen ware, the great Cupboard with her Woolen & Linnen Cloathing, 1 cow and other Housing stuff [that] was her own when she married, also my house and lot where we now live in Kingston during her widowhood, and the interest on £200.  After her death or marriage, my daughter Marytie is to have the house, lot and buildings.  To said daughter forthwith £200, the interest to go to her mother.  To my eldest and only son, Abraham Jo De Lameter, my Large Byble, Gun, Sword, all my right in the Tan yard at Kingston, with the hides and Leather, and all my Shoemakers Tools, also all that lot of low land on the other side of the Great Hill, on the Great Tract, as the same was conveyed to me by Hendrick Oosterhout, Jannettie, his wife, he to pay £100 to my other children.  To my daughters, Elisabeth and Anna, an outfit such as my other daughters, Cornelia, Elsie, and Catharina have had.  Residue to my six children, Cornelia, wife of Cornelius Louw, Elsie, wife of Dirck Schepmoes, Catharine, wife of Wilhelmus Van Gaasbeck, Elisabeth, Anna, and Abraham.  Daughters, Elisabeth and Anna, son Abraham, sons-in-law Cornelius Louw, and Wilhelmus Van Gasbeck appointed executors, and my brother David De Lametter and Jan Eltinge, their assistants.  Witnessed by Teunis Swart, Thomas Beekman, M. Edward Thompson.  Proved May 23, 1758, and translated from the Dutch by Jacob Goelet, sworn translator of the Dutch language.


(Johannes De Lamater, bt. July 4, 1697 (s. of Abraham De Lamater, q.v.), m. 1., May 12, 1723, Christina Wynkoop, m. 2., Nov. 11, 1738, Maria Decker.  Issue:  i. Cornelia, bt. March 1, 1724, m., Aug. 26, 1750, Cornelis Low, q.v.; ii. Elsie, bt. Apr. 3, 1726, m., Aug. 26, 1750, Dirck Schepmoes; iii. Catrina, bt. Sept. 10, 1727, m., Dec. 7, 1750, Wilhelmus Van Gaasbeck Chambers; iv. Annatje, bt. Sept. 7, 1729, d. y.; v. Abraham J., bt. Febr. 18, 1733, m. 1., Dec. 20, 1755, Sarah Ten Broeck, m. 2., May 5, 1772, Margaret Ten Broeck; vi. Johannes, bt. Febr. 2, 1735, d. y.; vii. Annatje, bt. Nov. 21, 1736, m. Apr. 20, 1775, John Edwards; viii. Marytje, bt. Sep. 13, 1741, m., Jan. 15, 1764, Henry Sleght).


p. 159-160

Bogardus, Evert, of Kingston.  Liber 21, p. 36.


Will dated May 10, 1746.


The entire estate to my beloved wife Gerteruy during her natural life for her support. – To my nephew, Evert Bogardus, son of my brother, Nicholas Bogardus, my dwelling house and barn in Kingston and the lot on which it stands, also my two other lots in Kingston after my wife's decease.  To John Elmandorph, son of my brother in law, Petrus Edmundus Elmondorph, all that parcel of land which was devised to me by my father in law's will, also the land which I purchased from his executers, all of which is situated on the north west side of the road that leads from Kingston to the Green Kill.  To my nephew, Evert Bogardus, my best gun and £10.  To my brother, Nicholas Bogardus, all the money that he is indebted to me, and he is to be discharged from the same.  To my brother in law, Charles Crooke, £100.  To my sister, Anata Decker, £100.  Residue to my nephew, Evert Bogardus, son of my brother Petrus, and to Evert Bogardus, son of my brother, Nicholas Bogardus, my sister, Maria Wynkoop, my Brother in Law Charles Crook, and John Elmendorph, son of my brother-in-law, Petrus Edmundus Elomendorph, all to be paid after the death of my wife.  Wife, brothers-in-law, John Wynkoop, and Petrus Edmundus Elmendorph, appointed executors.  Witnessed by Thomas Beekman, John Beekman, Jr., and Charles Clinton.  Proved May 31, 1758.


(Evert Bogardus, Sr., b. Albany (s. of Pieter B., q.v.), m. May 9, 1692, Tjaatje Hofmans, b. N.Y., q.v., and had: i. Petrus, bt. May 1, 1698; Petrus, bt. Dec 3, 1699; iii, Everthardus, bt. Apr. 26, 1702; iv. Niclaes, bt. Apr. 26, 1702, m. Dec. 20, 1730, Rachel, dau. of Benjamin Smedes; v. Marytje, bt. Sept. 18, 1709, m., Dec. 19, 1728, Johannes Wynkoop, Jr.; vi Annaatjen, bt. June 28, 1713, m. a Decker.


Evert (above), m., May 20, 1731, Geertruy Chroeck, dau. of John Crook (and Catharine), who in his will, 'shopkeeper,' mentions dau. Gertruyd, wife of Evert Bogardus (C.C.A., Albany, Liber C., p. 14). Her brother, Charles Crooke, Jr., of Crooke's Delight, Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co., 'merchant,' in his well mentions brothers-in-law, Petrus Edmundus Elmendorf and Everhardus Bogardus (Ibid., Liber C., p. 59).  Issue: i. Everardus, bt. May 28, 1732; ii. Jan, bt. Dec. 2, 1733.)


p. 195

Rinehart, Jacob, late of Shawngunk, laborer, deceased intestate.  Liber A., page 49, Estate box 33.


Adm. granted, Jan. 28, 1791, to David Rinehart, weaver, a son of said Jacob Rinehart. – Adm. bond, £150, by said David, Abraham T. Terwilliger, same place, yeoman, and Jacob Rinihart, same place, Cordwainer. – Inventory taken Febr. 1, 1791, by Henry Snider and Evert Decker.


[Short inventory of items follows.]


p. 200-201

DuBois, Tjatie, late of Rochester, deceased, intestate.  Liber A., page 68.  Estate box 9.


[Mentions the appraisal of many articles & bonds, including a bond from Jacobus Van Fleet & Johannis Decker, June 15, 1789, in the amount of £60.1.1.  Inventory taken Febr. 17, 1792 by Philip De. Bevier and Lodewyck Schoonmaker.]


p. 205

Van Keuren, Catharine, late of Shawangunk, a widow, deceased intestate.  Liber A., page 76, Estate Box 43.


Adm. granted, Nov. 13, 1790, to Jacob Van Keuren, of New Paltz, farmer, John Lewis and Simon Terwilliger of Shawangunk, farmers. – Adm. bond £300, by said administrators, Teunis Terwilliger of Shawangunk, and Ephraim Decker Junr. of New Paltz, farmers. – Inventory taken Dec. 3, 1791, by Simon Terwilliger, John Lues and Jacob Van Keuren.


[Short inventory follows.]


p. 205-206

Coleman, Joseph, of Newburgh, yeoman, deceased intestate.  Liber A., page 77, Estate Box 7.


Adm. granted, Jan. 13, 1792, to Eunice Coleman, his widow.  Adm. bond, £400, by widow, Isaac Bellknap and Daniel Birdsall, Jr., all of Newburgh. – Inventory, taken Apr. 9, 1791, by Dirck Amerman and Isaac Hasbrouck.


[Long inventory follows, including Peter Decker listed as a debtor with balance due against the estate of £0.5.6.]



[Complete listing of Deckers in both Volumes (I & II) of the Ulster Co., N.Y. Wills compiled by Anjou.  These volumes list many other wills of interest that did not include Decker listings, including those for Ten Broeck, Terwilliger, Ten Eyck, De Witt, Bogardus, and De La Mater.]


NOTE: Gustave Anjou has been discredited as a genealogy researcher and all records must be verified by going to the original source. These records are included not as direct evidence, but as clues to where this evidence may be found and verified. All Anjou records must be treated with suspicion. For more information see Genealogy Frauds at http://personal.linkline.com/xymox/fraud/fraud.htm and the Gustave Anjou entry at http://personal.linkline.com/xymox/fraud/fraud.htm